i walk with you into the storm

i walk with you into the storm

 darkness and heat gather and stumble,
 fork-lightning-flashes shatter and scatter
 across sky,
   across water.

fresh cracks of thunder fade into the
deep rumbling silence:

i shrink under your eyes

 like sunlight in daybreak, gentle and focused;
   through the clouds always, tiny water droplets

in dance: suspend, float, bend
unconditional light shining through the eternity
of space between your closed fingers

eyes, doors shut.
through windows cracked and stained
as armour:

light intense as love.

if i may (this heart is yours to keep)

if i may darling
call you this
name so sweet
then these hands
are for holding
your breath
and these legs carry
your weight shoulders
broad like bridges over
these ribs are cage enough to
only your voice keys the lock
and these eyes, these eyes
that you look deeply in
to nothing and everything
i,m-possibility not question
these eyes are yours to be
(hold) and see what lovers have always seen,
and this mouth is to kiss you
sweetwords that melt like
candles onto table
these ears yours for nibbles,

i know a secret in your eyes
that says men who love
tell no lies


when you are among the stars
will you touch one
for me?

is there room in your shadow
for the sun to live?
for there is where
gentle flowers lie.
i have but a fraction of the world
to give,
for give a choice to live,
four all your mysteries die.

one smile of yours to lift
me when you whisper