I am a Human: Being

I am so thankful to be free. Free from the confines of limiting doctrine, free from limiting relationships, and free from slavery. Freedom arises not from external circumstance, but from internal desire and yearning.

Really, life is a chessboard and everybody is a Pawn or a Queen. In you is the potential to become (for the inner you is always in a state of becoming), and the freedom to move to wherever you desire: you are autonomous.

Being autonomous, imagine that you are in a deserted salt flat of anywhere. Society is a bunch of footprints leading in one direction. Where does it lead to? Oasis? Mirage? You, in this situation, are free to follow it or not. You can choose to be a part of the path, or you may decide to walk elsewhere. With 360 degrees of direction, you can choose one. If you walk against the path, your perception may imply that you are going backwards, but in an infinity of choices, choosing your direction means you choose to move forwards – if even counter to the direction of society. A step anywhere is a step forward.

3 thoughts on “I am a Human: Being

  1. If I don’t follow their foot prints, the people that made them will flog me! That’s how it feels to me. If not flogging then desertion, and I face an awfully long and lonely path ahead. I think we need to find somebody like ourselves before we break off from the footprints and choose our own path. One can only dream of a future where there are no footprints, only somebody there to guide you along whichever path you make for yourself.

  2. For sure no one wants to be flogged, especially for making tracks of their own. The joy of humanity is in not knowing whether people will flog or if people will follow. Even better, I think that you’re onto something with following another’s path. There is no loss in seeking another’s company. Follow the follower.

  3. You said it brother!!! I am thrilled to see how your blog is fleshing out with all this beautiful poetry. Well done and congratulations. I hope to see you soon my friend.

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