I come to you as I am

I’m inside again today. (I must be if I’m writing this). Anyhow, I’ve had plenty of time to think in this transition period. Sometimes you need to take all the pieces apart to remember that they fit together. Formula 1 race team mechanics routinely take apart and put together the car engines so that the cars run optimally – I wonder if the same is true of the drivers.

Right now I’m reading Living, Loving & Learning by Leo Buscaglia. Lent to me from my Auntie Mo, this is such a transformative book. The book is a compilation of transcripts from various lectures that he gave around the world. Like the work of Carl Rogers, I think it is a true insight into what it means to be human and live. Sometimes we forget what or who we are. It is those we choose to surround ourselves with who guide us back to who we are. It doesn’t matter how many minutes of the film that you chase the one you love, it is the continual, dynamic memory that stays with you after you have long left the theatre. It is the kiss that lasts a moment, but lives forever. It is holding hands because you’re crossing the street, but you’re crossing the street because you’re holding hands.


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