life is a puzzle; you are a piece

It isn’t how big of a piece you are of the puzzle. It’s that you fit. We all fit together. You can’t focus too much on your one piece or you’ll miss the big picture. Sometimes a painting is so beautiful, but it’s not beautiful because you spend your day painting broad strokes. You appreciate the fine strokes that add character, that add definition. Puzzles are often challenging and sometimes you need different pieces. There are corner and side pieces that give you a framework to build with; there are the groups of similar pieces that form a part of the picture. Further in, when the picture is almost complete, it can be hard to find those few last pieces that complete the landscape. These can make it very difficult to want to finish, but they can also make finishing the puzzle worth it. And when you think you find just where that one piece will fit, it doesn’t. Or you make it. Life’s not a perfect puzzle. A perfect puzzle is only one path. To live for that one perfect puzzle or that one perfect piece is to miss the entire adventure that is the whole picture. Life is wandering and finding the pieces that fit best. Sometimes they find you.


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