perfect circles in the sand

I am a believer that we are creators and co-creators of our own experience; as we grow, we increasingly become more involved with each other’s experiences. For instance, in Living, Loving & Learning, Leo Buscaglia talks about how two people in a relationship are like two concentric circles. One of the circles is “You” and the other circle is “I,” the shared area being “Us” or “We.” In a healthy committed relationship, it is the responsibility for each individual to grow. The bigger You grow and the bigger I become, the bigger We are. I like to think of this as something indicative of how humanity is interconnected. It is our responsibility to become as much of who we are, for we have more to give. If only You grew, and I stayed the same size, I would lose less of who I am into “Us.” But being “We” is still not being I. Applied to creating experience, I think that the more we collectively grow, the more that you learn about yourself and life and your world, the more you and I have to share. Together, We become greater.


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