dearest diary

Today I went to my first Print Futures class (Monday’s class was canceled because of the snow, and icy roads). It’s funny how the fear of something is worse than the something itself. For a portion of today, I was nervous and stressed about going to my first class, worried about making a first impression and feeling a little overwhelmed with self-made expectations. Sometimes we are so focused building walls around us that we forget we are actually big and can step over them.

Anyhow, I got to school early and had enough time to buy the book for the class. After taking a decent read through, I headed to class with about 15 minutes to spare. When I got to the room, I found that the door was closed and the classroom’s seats were full. I half-believed myself when I thought: “Maybe everybody from the program is there early and they are already progressing through the class.” Wrong; sometimes, somehow, it only takes half of me to direct the rest of me (which is probably more than most people as I have observed from riding public transit; I’ve never seen so many dead people!). I opened the door and entered, asking if this was ‘Print Futures.’ Yes, but it was not Print Futures 2401: Writing for Magazine and Trade Publications…it was 15 minutes before Print Futures 2401.

Although it was embarrassing to stumble in like that, it was a really liberating to get over my embarrassment early. I’ve found out that failure is natural, and best experienced as early as possible – that way, I don’t have to waste my time worrying with the fear of failure.

Because I am entering mid-program (for some), it’s very motivating to see different people working for their goals. It feels like it is a supportive and healthily competitive playground to take some more risks (grow). Taking risks seems to be the theme of the week. Suddenly, I feel like I have a lot more in common with Ms. Frizzle than before.


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