today i saw the sun

Today I spent my time mostly in a cloud. White mist floating around, limiting the range of my sight. Until I got to SFU, I did not know the sun existed. The sun is a splendourous thing. No matter where you are on Earth (except maybe deep in the ocean or at the North or South Pole) the sun rises and falls. In the beginning of daybreak, she rises with authority and power so substantial you would not think it could ever fall. She climbs slowly, extending its reach into the blue; it’s brightness too much for naked eyes. Many civilizations come and gone have known the beauty and awesome wonder of the sun: believing their god to be the sun. Seeing what they saw, I cannot disagree. Setting, falling, she leaves us here, to be with those over there. She does not leave us a shadow, but leaves her light with the moon.


2 thoughts on “today i saw the sun

  1. her beaming through the studio windows
    myself Apollo imagined standing
    in a phrygian temple a
    horse with swarming steel
    outside in the AQ
    I am a wolf hunting
    squirrels in trees
    and slow foxes catching their
    feet in the thick snow

    we look down at the sea of fog
    and laugh at ubc

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