love must be made of dirt

Love must be made of dirt. We are born from the ground, and that is where we return to. Love is what birthed us into this world, giving us bodies and all her resources to nourish these bodies. What we do is what we give back. I am not proud of all the gifts I have given, some of them were worse in the giving back than in the taking. But so is the nature of Life.

Life, holding love’s hand, seems to guide us when we cannot lead anymore.

We live for each other. When we are young, we live for our parents or ourself. When we are a teenager, we live for our peers. When we are adults, we live for our lovers and friends. When we are adults still, we live for our children. When we are ripe, we live for our children’s children. Death is a friend and not a foe. Even the darkest, most hated bodies nourish life.


One thought on “love must be made of dirt

  1. Clap Clap Clap. You are amazing Isaac. You always manage to see the good in people. You realize that we all love, and that this is a common thread in humans, no matter how many differences it seems we have. “Even the darkest, most hated bodies nourish life.”

    Isaac 1
    Haters 0

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