“Everything is premium in the proper company”

Sometimes it does not take much. Today I performed at an Open Mic at the Highland Pub on the Simon Fraser Burnaby Campus. There was not much of a crowd in numbers, but numbers were never really my thing anyway. Fans come and go, but there are moments that do not slip by so easily. As my second set of humble footprints into the world of live music, this Open Mic was welcoming…even though I started off with a few cock-ups. There is much value to playing a venue with a soul or two listening — to me, performing and sharing the gifts inside you to share is about quality and not quantity. To connect with a soul intimately is very special, it is why humans are social beings (Though being social feels at times something different). To even have people present was incredibly cool and it has motivated me to continue writing songs; I finally understand why artists say they write for their audience (because its true!). I prefer a genuine audience, no matter the size. Having two open mic’s under my belt and meeting new people has definitely already shown I can make a difference in my community. Not too much I want to talk about today, but it’s nice of you to drop by. I wish you warm hugs a plenty.


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