bigger than my body

Life is short when you look at the past. The past is only what has been. The present is what is. And when you live in the present and look forward, you realize that the future is unwritten. Nothing is set in stone. Live like a flower and you take what you can from the sky and the ground, and grow to be all you can. Learn from Nature. When you look to the future, you live like a flower. Growing up to be as tall as you can, or as big. You are potential actualizing. You do not grow back to your roots, but your roots are a part of you. Your roots continually make you. By just being, you are peaceful and never still. Whether growing in the middle of a field blowing in the wind, or growing over the side of a river bank facing water unstoppable a flower holds the keys to life. The keys to life are living in the present looking to the future. Living and seeing the million possibilities and maybes and not stopping because you can’t. Because you don’t. Nature is in continual change, and being a part of nature you waste nothing. You do not change the past; you realize the past brought you to where you are, but to be where you will be, you have to let go of what was. You have to release what you had to hold what you have.

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