What I’ve learned (Age 20)

Hello out there,

Lately I have written on this blog as if no one is listening and it has been very therapeutic and enhancing for me. As you join me in this journey called Life, I thought I would take a break from that and lead us on a detour. Here is a list of things I’ve learned. I believe that everybody learns, and it is an active process that you independently enact. Learning is always a consequence of yourself, but the consequence is yours to choose (or not). You can’t prevent every cause and control every effect, but you can control what you do with the effect. You can choose to let it control you. Anyways, here are some things I’ve learned in my 20 years of life. (And the best part about all of these items on the list: I’m still learning from them).

At age 20, I have learned:

  1. to love
  2. to listen
  3. to ride a bike
  4. to rock climb
  5. to read
  6. to write
  7. to walk
  8. to run
  9. to sit
  10. to stand
  11. to chew with my mouth closed (Mom)
  12. to play guitar
  13. to start a fire
  14. to put out a fire
  15. to rescue myself from an overturned canoe
  16. to smoke
  17. to dress myself
  18. to choose my friends
  19. to hug
  20. to share
  21. to play basketball
  22. to play hockey
  23. to drive a car (legally)
  24. to make grilled cheese sandwiches
  25. to change a diaper
  26. parler le francais (un petit peu)
  27. to count
  28. to make something count
  29. to dream
  30. to say goodbye
  31. to say hello
  32. to say hello!
  33. to blog
  34. to get by with minimal knowledge of html/CSS
  35. to take a picture
  36. to let a picture be taken of me
  37. to speak a little bit of Cantonese
  38. to swear
  39. to live
  40. to let live
  41. to kill
  42. to be really good at video games
  43. to shoot a gun
  44. to dance (everybody knows how, but sometimes we forget when we think people care)
  45. to swim
  46. to balance
  47. to juggle
  48. to find crabs under rocks when the tide is out
  49. to remember to make it back to shore before the tide comes back in
  50. to make my bed
  51. to make my day
  52. to make mistakes
  53. from my mistakes
  54. to tie my shoes
  55. to blow bubbles with bubble gum
  56. to play

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