Oscar Night

One night of the year, and the whole world watches. An industry carries an incredible weight with every step. Dreams are held, passed along, and lived.

The Academy Awards are an interesting event. So many people gather around and tune into a night of Thank-You’s. Disappointment and joy and elation — one of those moments when feelings hit you from different directions and pull you along.

I have not always been a fan of award shows but the Oscars, being by far the most celebrated, is of a quite individual calibre.
Every category and every nominee brings something different to the picture.

In one night, so many challenges are overcome. There are the shallow aspects such as who wears what as well as the heavy moments where you the fabric is set apart from the fabrication. The lighter moments that make you laugh, and the deep moments that demand a closer look.

I’ve always felt the magic behind a movie, and watching the Oscars tonight, I could feel myself once again under the spell.

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