we shall all be healed

i said love must have wings
to fly away from love,
and to fly back again,
and i’m starting to forget that
i ever believed–
the beating of your wings
leave me bruises,
every pounding of your
wings the further you are
the less i can feel
what you have left

a little bit of me

Sometimes it’s nice to see the sun. I missed it today, with the sky being mostly overcast, but I was still able to see it leave a purple glow on its way down.

Getting through a breakup isn’t easy, though sometimes it feels so. For many moments I have felt able and strong, and others weak and vulnerable. Life really is a maze, a place where you wander. I like to wander, and lately I feel like I’ve been caught up in thought. I’ve hit a few walls, stumbling. But I am making it through, even though my step isn’t always sure, it is forward. Gaining strength and momentum, I am taking my focus from the steps I’ve made, to the steps I am making. I can see the paths ahead, and the doors in the walls. Windows lighting the way.


There is a time and place for everything. To understand this is to accept the value of the moment — the time and place in which we all reside. The moment is always changing. Sometimes I feel that a part of myself wants to hold onto a certain moment and never let it go. That is to fight the inevitability of Nature, and to deny its essence. I know that that part of me who wants to hold on comes from a place of scarcity and misunderstanding; it feels that the moment will lose its value if it slips from the now into my memory. However, with considering the lens of abundance, I am reminded that by embracing and accepting the moment as it happens is to open the door to experiencing and appreciating other moments in their own light. To live like this is to accept life as a gift: to unwrap the box and discover the contents, then to package it up to open again later, only to discover that it has changed once more.