in the mood for a new perspective

It seems that everybody wants an invention: a flying car, a jetpack, a virtual reality. What happened to creation? Or is this an extension of creation? I’m not satisfied.

If flying cars really existed they would not give us the freedom to go wherever we please but limit it. Traffic on the ground is already difficult to manage going horizontally and given a vertical axis would require more regulation than less. Instead of sharing 6 lanes across, you’d share scores of cars all around you.

If jetpacks existed (no doubt that would be really cool) being smaller than cars would probably be just as limited. A jetpack would require very delicate controls to avoid hitting something. Plus, it gets really cold up in the atmosphere.

I guess my contention is not with technology, but with imagination — that we imagine the future based as an extension of technology, and evolution as something always beneficial.

I crave real imagination. I want to hear the ideas of people that think we will walk on clouds or grow tails. I want to listen to wild fantasies of magic potions and hatter’s gone mad.

I want to spend the day in Kindergarten. That’s living in the future.


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