I’ve started a journal. I haven’t always kept a journal; I think the closest thing to a journal that I’ve kept was a dream log last summer. I learned wonderful things.

I guess I’d always had mixed feelings and misconceptions about journals: I figured that I was a ‘healthy’ enough human being that I could manage my life without writing out my thoughts. How wrong I was. I figured that keeping my thoughts a secret meant that I was stowing away my true identity in the pages of a book. But after writing my first journal entry, I feel so much more free to be myself because I’ve been able to tell the most important person in the world how I’ve felt – ME! Not the narcissistic needy me, but the real, living me.

The best part about the journal I’m using is that it’s digital and I can type things into it. With a physical journal I find it hard to read my own printing sometimes so it helps that I have software to type into. I don’t have to worry about losing my journal. Also, there’s a password for my journal so I can feel assured that no one sees this but me — or at least without my permission. It’s about 9 o’clock now, and after feeling some monotony, I can feel myself liven up again. Better late than never. Although it’s never too late.

If you want to know the Journal software I’m using click here.

9 thoughts on “Journal

  1. I 100% agree with you. I keep a journal so that I don’t forget the ridiculous things that happen in my day to day life.

  2. I have been writing journals since I was 12 years old and it has helped me so much. I am glad someone else shares the same feelings. =)

    Writing is a great way to release and identify hidden emotions and wishes. It’s the side of you that you can easily miss if you are not careful. Writing creates honesty with oneself and the world around us.

  3. Most definitely. Thank you to both of you for reminding me I’m not ever really alone, even in my most private thoughts.

    Do you prefer a digital journal or an analogue (paper) journal?

  4. I prefer pen and paper. I’m old fashion. However, I don’t really make time for it anymore and since I’m always on my phone I’ve gone digital I still once in awhile write in abook. Its better for me. There is nothing like holding a tangible book :)

  5. Ah, I see. Our lives can change very fast but our loves have a way of lingering. I have to agree with the good ol’ pen and paper, there is something about the ink on the page and the way you write without judgment. I find that when I type in my digital journal – as easy as it is to get hurried thoughts out fast – I still have a tendency to go back and re-word things. But with pen and paper, I c an illustrate what I have to say more freely albeit probably with a little more mess. But what’s life without a little mess anyway?

  6. Exactly. It all boils down to honesty once again. I love my writing even with all its mistakes and I don’t change a thing because I believe the first time reflects the truest self. Writing is an expression not perfection. When we get too caught up with that we miss the freedom of it.

  7. I could not agree more. I have been keeping one sincce my release from prison and it has helped me understand myself i am making it in a book. It is great to see how much i have hanged in the 8 months i have been free.

  8. I agree with you so much! There are so many thoughts, feelings and experiences that are difficult to talk about with other people. It’s so satisfying to sit down and write all the things you could never say :)

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