I’m no perfect student but I’m learning

Life feels like a cycle. Some lessons return to you with more to teach.

I’ve had a couple tiffs with my dad this week in the mornings. Though they have not been incredibly testing, they have not been incredibly easy either. The energetic predictions that I have been following on Beyond Within seem to suggest this is part of my destiny right now, that now is a time for focusing on family. By destiny, I mean the probable realities that I face in my present. More on destiny later.

It seems that right now is a time for me to focus on my relationships at home. Having gone through a break up in December, I think I am putting a close to a past romantic relationship by opening new areas of my relationship with my dad. As Leo Buscaglia put it: “One does not fall in or out of love. One only grows in love.”

I have not been a perfect student, but I am learning patience. I’ve felt frustrated because I know that more often than not we learn from each other far more intimately than we could ever actively teach each other. That is, I think that humans are naturally curious and intelligent, and that the best way we can teach is to lead by example. Call me wrong on that one, but I also know that we all have a unique value as individuals and that one of the most meaningful ways we can make a difference is by being ourselves.


On the topic of being who you are and making a difference: Here is a touching, moving story of how Who [You Are] Makes A Difference.

I’ve updated the page a little bit. Please enjoy my twitter feed and the new layout of the right-hand console. Also, I’ve added an RSS feed. Not sure what an RSS feed is but here it is anyway. I’m working on a few projects right now, but will be around shortly. All in due time.