know that i am vulnerable

to let you read inside this card
i made for you

unwrap and uncover:

this gift of a gentle memory
that warms me on cold days
when i think of you
(because i think of you)

and (kn)oh how i am vulnerable
how the innermost contents of this card
the words which i need not think
to say, but think often

are nails under my barefeet.


This poem was published in the poetry anthology Collected Whispers from a contest I entered at I don’t recommend you enter a poetry contest on that site for if you win, you’ll end up buying your own publication for $50. However, if that is a fair price for you to pay by all means go ahead and enter. I do have a very nice book with my poem in it now – though I feel that poems are far more valuable in the folds of crumpled paper than bounded in fancy leather. You be the judge, the witness, the pidgeon sitting on the statue. Thanks and enjoy.


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