Candy & Condoms

It seems like I’m riding a wave today that is just as much fun going up as it is going down. Not only did I finish my term paper (worth a solid 40%), but I even wrote two poems in class. You’ll have to wait to see them tomorrow, though. Everyone likes a surprise.

I’m on campus today and they’re handing out candy and condoms for World AIDS Day. That’s so awesome.

But like I said, today’s a wave. Right when I scooped up a Hershey’s Kiss and a Lifestyle’s Red Box Surprise (coined that moi-self), I walked back into class and my prof started lecturing again. Today’s lecture was the same old spoon-fed protocol for research methods, only I actually started paying attention and realized she was saying so many innuendos!

We were finishing up stats and where there are things called “main effects” and “interactions,” which I should inform you are either qualified or unqualified. But I’ll save you the lecture:

Prof M: “So now we’re done with 2-way interaction, we are going to move onto 3-way interaction.” I couldn’t believe my ears. Prof M continued, “Now most people prefer 2-way interaction but I find it useful to teach you about 3-way interaction.”

“3-way interaction is more rare, but it has some advantages…” she said.

This has to be the most engaged I’ve ever been. Someone was cracking up behind me and I sit pretty damn close to the lecture floor.

“3-way interaction, though rare, is just one level. There’s also 4-way interaction, 5-way interaction, even 6-way interaction. I know it’s hard to believe but they can really be a lot of fun.”

And here I sit wondering what I have missed all semester long.

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