Today I want to talk politics

I’m reading a book called Deer Hunting with Jesus by Joe Bageant. If you don’t know who Joe Bageant is, please click that link as I am far too tired to bother explaining how he is an Amercian expat who hits the nail on the head when it comes to American politics. The book is about how America is operating based on a class system – and though many “liberals” will deny it – it is a simple fact. What I really like about this book so far is that he makes a strong case for the American undeclass, specifically misunderstood poor, white America.

Many Americans are living a sorry life where they subsist off of a sick dream of equal opportunity while trying to hold their payments together with more credit cards than fingers on a hand.

A lot of what Deer Hunting with Jesus is for me is a good kick in the ass and slap in the face to make me realize how useless and despicable classism is. I’ve been guilty of it myself. Growing up in upper middle class Canada, it’s easy to criticize an uneducated poor, white person from America. In fact, I would say it’s easier to do it because I’m Canadian. Think about it, we’ve got free health care, a marijuana party, and heroes like Neil Young.

Undoing the social conditioning isn’t easy, but it’s pretty damn simple. Realize that there are a lot of misplaced beliefs that set up house in your subconscious but really have no right being there. I have a great sympathy for what it means to grow in small town America. You know, where the grammar is hardly recognizable to a Briton and where the pleasures are cheap smokes and Coors. These people are under illusions like they are proudly valued (when really they are despised) by their culture and society while they are trapped in a system that has a hand up their pants and a foot on their back, feet, and hands.

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