Accountability Means Being Wrong and Moving on

A lot of times people say they want a politician, mentor, celebrity to be accountable but what they mean is that they want someone who will always be right. WRONG. Being right all the time is only possible in the land of make-believe narcissism. It just doesn’t happen in real life. Now I’d hate (not really) to be the asshole with the little light in the dark room of cranky warlocks and prance around,  flashing my truth but accountability is allowing yourself to be wrong. Accountability means you’ll make the best decisions you can make and own up when – because you’re human – your best isn’t good enough. Clearly, this isn’t easy when you have a public image to keep up and maybe I’m an idealist (not really), but as a member of the public-at-large, I will do my best not to place unrealistic expectations on those I follow and respect, including myself. Being accountable does not mean being perfect, it means being imperfect and accepting the consequences that being imperfect creates. Consequences like mistakes, blunders, errors in judgment, imperfection, screw-ups, boo-boos and oh-noes.

At the same time, I am also fighting the same shallow urges to make a big fuss out of somebody else’s business, especially if I disagree with what-they-did (not the same as who-they-are). Pointing fingers is and always was easier than lending a hand, but being accountable is not the easy person’s game. Being accountable requires discipline, hard thinking and real work to discern being wrong is something you do (but don’t do again!) not something you are. Being wrong is only the end if you stop there, what takes real work is moving on from it.

Don’t let the fear of making your worst decisions stop you from making your best decisions. (The best decision being the one that logically sounds and intuitively feels right). As Steve Pavlina would say: Try and fail.


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