I’m a gardener

I’m a gardener. Not the first thing I would think I am, but really when it comes down to it, I’m a gardener. I have so many interests that catch my attention and I’m a shitty juggler when it comes to giving them laser-like focus. My strategy is time and patience, love, and a green thumb.

Songwriting is an interesting process and as I’m working on songs, I find I have so many that I want to jump around to. I do have those moments of bloom when an intangible feeling becomes beautiful lines and phrases of epiphany, but there are moments of waiting and praying for rain in between. In writing song, both sun and rain are ample sources of growth. Inspiration really is a breath, and it’s evidenced by the word: in + spire.

Anyway, not everything lasts the winter and there are crappy songs that I write, too. But lucky for you, I put them in then compost to help nourish the good ones. We’ll talk again soon.


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