a day in the life

I finally bought myself a basketball. I mean, it’s been like 2 years. This is hard to believe for me considering that I used to go to school at 6:30am four to five days a week in high school to just work on my game with a couple buddies.

It’s a Spalding (is there any other kind?). Soft, composite leather grip – smooth and firm. Bought it for $15 but it plays like a $35 ball…maybe because I bought it at Wal-Mart in the States and here in Canada everything is overpriced.

First shot, went right in without touching the rim but it wasn’t quite a swish. My hoop’s been neglected for several seasons and so it shrunk into half it’s size at the bottom. Several torrential autumn rains and eight inch snowfalls will do that. The knife Uncle Lou sharpened for me fixed that. Swishes like new.

Then Grandma came outside. She came out first to tell me not to wreck the flowers. (I didn’t). Then she asked for the ball and shot a three pointer. Best shot I’ve seen in my life. Grandma’s got to be about four feet tall now and if she curled up she’d be the same size as the ball. Amazing she pumped out four kids.

Just for her, I showed her my backflip. She never saw me do a cheer competition but man, she knows how to smile.

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