Twitter’s pretty cool

Twitter's Fail Whale which you see when Twitter is over capacity

You know, Twitter’s pretty cool. At first I wasn’t sure what to think about it but now that I’ve been on it for close to half a year, I can safely say that it’s a powerful medium worth reckoning with.

Follow the Follower
On Twitter, instead of adding people as friends like you would on Facebook you follow them: be they celebrities, real life friends, quoters, or business contacts. Within the range of 140 characters, you can pretty much put whatever you want as long as it’s not spam (Twitter’s got a devoted group of workers that disable accounts for spamming people) and most people post whatever they’re doing as a means of keeping in touch with everyone. So you might tune into your buddy’s Twitter and see that he’s out fishing at the lake or that his boss just gave him some extra work and he has a bad case of the Oh Noes.

I like the fact that you follow people on Twitter, it’s like what they say about the law of association: you are who you associate with. For instance I can learn about an acquaintance I just met by who he follows. Is he into self help and follow Steve Pavlina or does she really dig fashion and celebrity gossip? It’s not really important but it is definitely interesting. In this age where we are more and more technologically in tune with one another it’s cool to use this social media to express oneself.

Aside from the basic technological advantages and social media arguments, I like to plug into the thought leaders of our time. Twitter’s kind of like television in that you can stay current as long as you’re connected to the medium. I get some inspiration from following, say Rev Run from Run DMC or from getting the latest story on Lauryn Hill from J Smooth. Whatever it is, it seems that it is possible to change the world each tweet at a time.

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