(oh) she is everything

Oh she is everything,
when she smiles she is the embodiment
of pleasure every cell in a hot stonebath
massage on a bed of peppermint leaves enrobed
in silk chocolate bliss,
when she awakens she is the
embodiment of sunshine, warming the nose
and tickling the cheeks, lips and tongue,
tasting of golden, smelling of rosewater,
carressing like petals;
oh when she is sad she is the family home torn
blisterly into a thousand, million pieces of fibrous
soft-wood being carried away stone by precious stone
along the flooded waters, sinking deep to the bottom
of a far off ocean, parting with each passing tide;
oh and at times she is delicate, the blooming flower of June
moist and fragrant smelling of new; budding maturity
she is the lavender in my hometown, the cottonwood of Spring
fireworks shoelaces and sky
oh, she is my everything.


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