David Maisel’s American Mine

Until late, as of the last 6 months or so, I haven’t really followed much modern art (or any art, really). But that’s all changed and I’ve been scoping out blogs here and there until today, when I came across this beautiful piece on aphotostudent’s blog. Basically David Maisel is an artist who has taken a fascination in copper, a particularly common material that we’ve been using since at least prehistory. He’s documented the rich, intricate stories of copper in its different forms, including how its mined and the products its been made into – like the morbid and ominous copper pails used to hold psychiatric patient remains left unclaimed by their families, decades abandoned. Just go to aphotostudent’s blog entry and click the 3 min. Youtube video to get the gist of it.

American Mine (Carlin, NV 1), 2007 by David Maisel

Here’s the photo that really caught my eye. From the angle in the shot, it almost appears as if the mine is looking back. The picture is an American Mine and the deep greens, tans, browns and bright whites really give the effect of contrast. Which is interesting as it appears Maisel’s themes touch upon the impact of humanity (industrialization, civilization, utilization, etc.) on natural systems. Enjoy.

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