Family time in Whistler

View from the peak of Whistler Mountain, BC

Family vacations are something special. Lakeside cabins with a glass of wine in hand as the wind makes its way through your hair. Children playing, owners encouraging their senior citizen dogs to move like they used to. Barbecued dinners inconspicuously missing essential vegetables. A burning log in the fireplace.

Taking a trip to Whistler has been very relaxing and to not disturb the tidal wave of euphoria and nostalgia, I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

(oh) she is everything

Oh she is everything,
when she smiles she is the embodiment
of pleasure every cell in a hot stonebath
massage on a bed of peppermint leaves enrobed
in silk chocolate bliss,
when she awakens she is the
embodiment of sunshine, warming the nose
and tickling the cheeks, lips and tongue,
tasting of golden, smelling of rosewater,
carressing like petals;
oh when she is sad she is the family home torn
blisterly into a thousand, million pieces of fibrous
soft-wood being carried away stone by precious stone
along the flooded waters, sinking deep to the bottom
of a far off ocean, parting with each passing tide;
oh and at times she is delicate, the blooming flower of June
moist and fragrant smelling of new; budding maturity
she is the lavender in my hometown, the cottonwood of Spring
fireworks shoelaces and sky
oh, she is my everything.

Had I the words to explain this, I would

I was working at the office and “Dance Me Outside” by Craig Cardiff came on CBC Radio 2 – Canadian Songwriters. Lately that’s the radio channel I’ve been listening to at work and I must say I’m impressed with the artists it plays. Anyway, Mr. Cardiff came on and intrigued me with his song. Take a look, listen and be moved:

Excerpted lyrics for “Dance Me Outside” by Craig Cardiff
this indian girl walks out into traffic
the traffic stops then she’s causing havok and then
roll up the windows dial the cellphone
get the cops to get out here
i just want to get home

she says do you remember
the dumb white people they all say do you mean niel young springfield?
she says no, and
cleveland isn’t the home of indians
not even eskimos it feels like you just don’t want to know

she says take me around
dance me outside
show me a place where we might hide
what i want then i’m afraid that you can’t afford to buy

Aboriginal people are so invisible to us. If you’ve watched the news you’ve probably noticed the trend of missing persons reports; if you’re like me you probably haven’t given that much thought. Until you notice that the missing people are White. And the cases of rape are mostly White women. But this happens in First Nations communities around us every day, and this happens in our community everyday, because First Nations people are a part of our community. People (women) go missing or are sexually assaulted, many of aboriginal descent. The news crew filming in another part of town.

*Spoiler Alert* There will be a Part 2 to Inception

For those that have been mesmerised, engrossed, fascinated, led by the hand through a maze – a labrynth – laid awestruck in a dream upon a dream upon a dream; for those who have seen Inception, I assure you there will be a Part Two.

After reading 50 Things About Inception – an article that thoroughly goes through various elements of the movie, its cast and crew, and the making of it – there are only two words that come to mind that I am damn sure, cock sure, fucking sure, triple double dog sure necessitate a sequel to Inception by the gods of the universe, film, sanity and all of humanity: gold pawn.

Take a second and remember the totem motif of the movie, that one driving element that essentially made the movie such a success (mindfuck). The key totem of the movie was the top which grounded Dom, played by Leonardo DiCaprio, in reality has many interesting implications of its own as mentioned in the 50 Things article. However, this blog post right now is not about the top totem but the gold pawn.

The gold pawn if you can remember from the movie (and if not, run don’t walk to the nearest theatre and watch this movie again because you will financially, symbolically and morally support the existence of thoughtful film and art) was the totem of Ariadne, played by Ellen Page, the architect. There was a part of the movie while Dom was training Ariadne when she came into his office and showed him her totem, the gold pawn. Now if you ever played chess and ever read a book with symbolism you would immediately know this is HUGE, especially for a blockbusting original film such as Inception.

Was Ariadne simply a brainless tool at the hands of Dom? The easy answer is no, but the harder question is “Why?” A pawn in chess can only move one square at a time, but a pawn once led to the other end of the board can become any piece the player chooses aside from the king. Dial this into the fact that Ariadne’s mind is able to design dreamscape upon unimaginable dreamscape while uncovering the complex psychological history of Dom and we begin to wonder just what sort of power lies within Ariadne. Perhaps she is a pawn on her way to becoming the almighty Queen.

Let’s consider what the motifs say about their choosers, what they project. The top was Dom’s totem and Dom’s struggle was that he had to choose his dreaming world or the “real” world. Whether or not you choose to envision the survival of the entire inception team or their tragic demise is not necessary to see that Dom’s reality check was much like himself, balanced for the most part but occasionally bobbling and swaying. At the same time, the top was a totem left by Mal – a tome in itself.

Likewise, Arthur’s motif of loaded dice was telltale of the weighted risk he took in the lifestyle he led – or so it is easy to conclude as he steals a kiss from Ariadne amidst the eye of certain chaos, a bold move for sure. Crawling into dreams and planting ideas is no easy task.

But take a step back and we see the gold pawn, the totem of Ariadne’s choosing. Why gold? Why a pawn? These questions clearly demand development and require a cinematic maze to explain. Alas, I await the sequel to find out.


*disclaimer* Let it be known that I have no connection to Christopher Nolan, Warner Bros., Hollywood, or any other “inside” information and I merely present this blog as pure speculation (and slight provocation) that a sequel to Inception be born. I am only planting an idea that I hope will grow into another spectacular movie of originality.