Isn’t it funny?

Isn’t it funny? When I am well I spend all day keeping tabs on my favourite blogs and their RSS feeds. I literally go through my Firefox bookmark toolbar and see what new videos J Smooth pumps out on pop culture, or learn something knew about art at aphotostudent. I’ll browse Paulo Coehlo’s bank of literary gold or I’ll check out John Campbell’s latest webcomic. At the end of the day after updating myself on everything new for a good chunk of daylight, I repeat the list.

But that all changed this week. I got sick with an intestinal virus that was terribly immobilizing. I was home. I was in pain. I was always within walking distance of the toilet. And for some reason, I never once touched the computer. This was my perfect opportunity to get my fix of blogs, internet, and everything I can’t keep up with and have a real life. I didn’t work. I didn’t study. I didn’t leave the house except for doctor visits and a blood test.

The one time I’d really love to do what I do best (procrastinate), I don’t. Instead, I watch TV.

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