moonlight ball

Moonlight Ball (click to enlarge)

This is another MSPaint painting that I drew today. It’s called “moonlight ball” and it’s a picture of two animals, a wolf and a swan. Like any painting or drawing, it started with a line. A shape. And then it evolved into what you see before you. I don’t know if I’d say that it’s a complete painting, but I’m satisfied enough to share it with you. Unfortunately I can only post JPEG’s to the internet (unless someone knows a way to post BMP’s or other hi-res files?) so if you want the real thing, just send me an email at isaaclouie [at] gmail (dot) com. I guess that is the state of our technology, like how you hear the record music of a waltz through the static and “noise” maybe in the future this will be our nostalgic “JPEG phonograph.” So even art, though blurred and distorted on the internet, can still affect feeling and emotion.

What do you see? What do you notice?

1 thought on “moonlight ball

  1. This is a really cute picture. When I stared at it for a few seconds It reminded me of two distinct personalities that intertwined and created ONE person. Now It does remind me of the trinity in a way but more so like a complex person than God and his three distinct and separate yet not separate parts. This reminds me of a person who has a tough side and a soft side and they are equally apparent. The 3 waves to the right gives me this peaceful feeling and in relation to the swan and the wolf, I didn’t get fear from the wolf but a bold and intelligent creature and the swan graceful yet big enough to stand in the face of danger. The waves create a pleasant atmosphere hiding or shading away the negative aspects of both creatures.

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