Merry Christmas: May the gifted give

"Emerald Waters" by Ruth Art

I came into this world a gifted child. I was given choose-your-own adventure books, logical thinking exercises, mind bending video games. A roof over my head and a full plate to eat. When I was finished Grade 1, my parents brought my brother and I to a suburb of Vancouver to get a better education. I was found to be ahead of my peers in school aptitude and placed in the gifted program. And I don’t regret any of that.

It is not what we are given in life that defines us, but what we do with what we have. I have been given so much and I realize that it is in me to give back. Take the water system for example: the river comes from the melting of ice-cap which runs to down rivers, creeks, and tributaries into lakes, oceans and puddles. From these bodies of water, the sun and wind evapourate the water which in turn rains down somewhere else replenishing the original water source. Being born into this first world is kind of like being snowed onto the mountain. You’re where it all starts.

Now if you were to stay on top of the mountain and never melt, there would be no more rivers, and no more lakes, and the oceans would become very salty. Fish would no longer survive, nor would plankton or algae or dolphins. Then the bodies of those once living beings would cease to support the birds and mammals that depend on them, and then ultimately people would disappear. But say if you were to let the processes of nature work. Then downstream there would be deer drinking from streams and going back to the fields of green grass where the wolves sometimes eat which feed the wasps, which feed the birds. And if you started in the lakes or oceans, you would go on to new lands and grow new forests.

In our world today there are usually two kinds of people: the gifted and the underprivileged. Neither is better than the other, but usually it’s the gifted that have the choice. They have privilege. They can store reserves in the high altitudes away from the oceans, or they can rain down on the Savannah. They can harden powder to ice, or they can melt in the sunshine and trickle into pools of emerald.

2 thoughts on “Merry Christmas: May the gifted give

  1. I like this post. It has got me thinking but for some reason confuses and perplexes me.

    All of us are blessed with gifts and no matter if we were born privileged as yourself or underprivileged like many others, our talents and gifts will shine if we cultivate them. But what perplexes me is the idea that sometimes certain circumstances must happen in order for us to even tap into our gifts. If our parents do not notice is from our youth, and if we don’t notice them, what happens then? What about those who do know but do not have the resources to advance? Sometimes these questions scare me. Sometimes I wonder if I will die before I even find out half of my full potential.

    Now on to the giving part of your post. I truly agree that EVERYONE should give regardless if they think they have nothing to give or not. When we stop being selfish and start giving, maybe even the hidden things about ourselves will be revealed.

    Nature and allowing things to unfold at its right timing is actually the best way to tackle life in most cases. Sometimes we as humans force certain things to happen, like the case with most people who are privileged. However, sometimes these labels annoys me because I believe all of us have a voice if we are passionate enough to shake up the world around us.

    If it weren’t for some of the underprivileged like Martin Luther king, Gandhi, and many others, most of us wouldn’t even be able to have what we enjoy today. So who really embodies the term privileged and underprivileged or gifted? I say a person who possesses a passion for life and love and uses the greatest gift humans have: OUR ABILITY TO COMMUNICATE!

    I hope you had a wonderful Christmas ( or what ever you celebrate) and happy New year.

  2. What a gift it is to have the drive to change one’s circumstances like MLK or Ghandi – no matter where the starting point. I hear you on this and I’m reminded of Mother Teresa’s work ethic: don’t wait for the “authorities,” go straight to the ground level and work one to one.

    I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year as well! I anticipate, lot’s of projects coming to fruition all around this year.

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