"Crows" by Pomegranates

As any Vancouverite who has been through Grandview Highway would know – and you would have to be a no longer living Vancouverite to not – you know that every sunset dozens of thousands of resident crows come to roost for the night. Today was no exception. Warm smile in my heart reflected by the clear view of the rigid mountains, I could see clear to every peak. Innumerable black movements in the sky. Hitchcock would be amazed and bewildered.

There is a comfort to know that even in the most urbanized places of the West Coast, Nature finds a home. As if some clever irony, it is those species whom we call “pests” that appear to be smart enough to thrive in such close proximity. Said to mate with the same partner for a lifetime, I wonder how many of this fluttering stampede are faithful and monogamous. Do they ever get tempted by the 5000 others within earshot? Traffic starts to move and suddenly crows by the tens and twenties dive out of the sky, as if shot down by invisible bullets. In a downward spiral, like a dying hurricane or a ravished tornado they float in circles then hit the ground. If this were war we’d have no chance.