Happy New Year, 2011

On this New Year’s day, I’m thinking about the past. Not living in it – but looking back on a year that was decent to me and pretty good. And pretty bland and pretty mentally psychotic…but that’s another story. I’m thinking about how we need to be in touch with our roots, but there is a need to move forward in life. How letting go of the past can be painful, but necessary and important. How we need to be open, which sometimes means we need to be empty – so that we may be full. I’m thinking of how The Simpsons are the perfect education for bright, young minds; healthily instilling subversive thinking and informing the naive with a careful mistrust of authority, inoculating them for today’s pop culture.

I’m thinking about “cool” and how cool never really controls its fate. Not really. Everybody danced the disco, but nobody willingly let it fall to the ground off its seven storey platform heels. I’m disagreeing with my friend that “hipster” is dead. I think it’s just another part of cool on the way out the door, but I don’t think it’s dead.

I’m thinking about how one day I want to be a dad and how soon that really is. But not soon enough. And all the same, way too soon. Twenty-two is so young and yet so old…relatively speaking. I’m smart enough to know that I’ll never know everything, and careful enough to be skeptical that I know anything.

And I’m going to continue thinking for a little while at this beginning of another year. Birthdays, funerals. Discos and dinners. Losers and winners. Life will be the same, yet never again.

May this year bring the same great joys you have felt in the past, and enough encounters with reality to want to change it somehow. Happy New Year!


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