Crab Party

A genuine appreciation of simple pleasures entails a life of happiness. These are the words that I live by, or try to anyway.

Today I was finally able to “crab” for the first time this summer at beautiful Belcarra Park. In typical Vancouver fashion, the sky filled with thick, puffy rainclouds and poured buckets. Then as soon as it came, the weather had opened up to pure blue skies and golden sunshine. My face is still a little tender because of the UV rays, dancing off the sparkling calm water.

I wish I had the pictures to show you how beautiful it really was but truth be told, I was having too much fun to think of unpacking my camera. Some moments are timeless because they are captured in film, and others are simply so, in body and spirit.

This day was unlike other days because of several firsts. We caught a flounder (a halibut?) with our crab trap; we saw a sea gull snatch and swallow a dogfish the size of a pickle; and we even taught two classes of Grade 1s how to identify crabs by sex. The latter was greatly appreciated and rewarding.

Many families were out and about on this Thursday afternoon and we even made friends with a couple and their toddler daughter. I’ve got to say that I have new ideas for a future honeymoon if I am so lucky…shooting a fresh duck fetched by my scantily clad partner in middle of nowhere-New-Zealand only to have a bus full of tourists unload and take pictures surely makes for quite the story.

After several hours on the docks and the new and might-as-well-be-old family friends long gone into the night we headed home to feast on our catch of the day: three red rocks rounded out by bargain priced dungeness crabs. Dinner isn’t always what you set out to get, sometimes what’s available is best.

Two tired buddies and a camera (and a beer!) later, we documented how a good day can start with a reluctant jump out of bed and end with a grateful lesson in cooking from the grandparents.

Enjoy the photos. :)

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