zoo logic

you can only squish and squish life

but life will still exist
		         and persist...

you can step on my head
push me into the sand, stab your feet into
my body and flesh, stamp me so deep

the hardest bedrock beneath land
(beneath underground oceans)
the flattest earth

and i will acquiesce

i am just a smaller, more indivisible element

of life:

crush me my skull is made a mammal, a rat that
lives and plays with birds as dinosaurs,
skin me i am the flesh of plants prehistoric,
protozoa blood if you break my bones to fine powder
i am alive the trillions of trillions of bacteria
conquest chiefs of empire immemorial,
the greatest civilizations
that outlast your thought-logic ideology.

when i cease to stand i am the mammal,
buried beneath your skyscrapers sunglasses,

i am the illegible forest that grows in circles
and fractals
	    around your knotted tongue,
bladed grass pushing through the cracks..

you can spread my ashes (embers) but you'll never put out my flame.

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