one star brighter than the rest

you make a compelling argument
with the
the stencil of your name
the colour of your skin
the depth of your touch

the soft, smudged essence of your silhouette

if kindness can be learned
it is because you were my teacher

every inch a lesson in pleasure


the lines and veins
of my sceptre

at the thought
curls in your hair riles the spiraled bliss
roiling my every desire, riding wave after wave of your ocean waltz

wiping sand from every beach,
	in a bed of pearls and silk

and to lye sweetly at the intoxicating scent
(the aroma of your oyster)
a perfume i gladly wear

as a scarf

dancing like a flag in the wind,
compelling, like a roped towel pulling me closer

no diamond came without dirt,
no pearl without sand

no spark without flint

but it is the lightning bolt
that is bright
because it burns

that burns because it is bright

ecstasy cannot be taught
reached because it is first


a priori

a fork of lightning
the electric ground reaching for the sky

a rolling cry / the reason why)

and the hint of you
is enough

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