Feist – Now at Last (Made in China)

“Good or bad, happy or sad, people will care if they can find it beautiful.” Touched by this song, I’m reminded of music’s power to make the proudest lion (or triceratops) cry.

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‘Cause I know

This is a song I wrote called “‘Cause I Know.” Originally, this song was known as “Two See One,” because as Leo Buscaglia’s student shares in his book Love, “it takes two to see one.”

Words by Lucinda Williams

Another song that’s on my mp3 player at the moment, “Words” by the poetic and beautiful Lucinda Williams.

I would rather suffer in sweet silent solitude
Deathly defiant from drowning out
Filthy sounds stumbling ugly and crude
Between the lips of your beautiful mouth

Deep down within me words move in phrases
Frozen and still ’til they decide
To melt and drip over the pagers
Until that moment they live inside

My words enjoy the feel of the paper
Better than mingling with your consonants
Once they get going they never waver
And they slip in between your if, ands, and buts

When my words are hiding between the lines
Then I’m afraid they won’t hear me call
What if they fail me without a sign
What if they hardly surface at all

Screaming and throwing your weight around
My words choose knowledge over politics
You can’t kill my words, they know no bounds
My words are strong and they don’t make me sick

They still remain my only companion
Loyal and true to the very end
They’ll never ever completely abandon
Ever give up the paper and the pen

Window Seat: Groupthink

Ever since I got up this morning, I’ve had a song stuck in my head but I couldn’t quite tell which one it was. There was just this meandering voice and hypnotic beat waltzing from ear to ear. Then I realized which song it was: Window Seat by Erykah Badu. Until I looked up the song on Youtube, I didn’t even know it was Eryka Badu who sang it. Lately I’ve been listening to a CD my dad burned and stuck in the car with various artists on it.. Needless to say, “Track 17” (or, what I now know is “Window Seat”) has been the popular track in my tape/CD deck.

I first stumbled onto Badu’s Window Seat from this post by Jay Smooth. I know the video and post have been out for a year already, but I don’t think the message of either really got to me until today: “look how far we’ve come, look how far we’ve got to go.” The world we live in (patriarchal, racist, ableist, classist…) survives by a machine that squashes differences and the drive to connect with one another. When we’re old enough to want to ‘fit in’ then we learn fast that we already fit nicely into the categories of “straight” or “brown” or “woman” or “other,” and there’s no easy way out… These mechanisms of oppression prevent us (because both privileged and oppressed ‘us’ are held back) from entering a world without hate. Groupthink and oppressive cultures posit us against each other.

So with this social consciousness in mind, I commend the bravery, passion, apprehension, fear, courage, and dedication that Ms. Badu employed to make her music video for “Window Seat.” Imagine: you’re a completely nude black woman walking downtown in Dallas, TX. If we are post-racist, then why is that such a scary thing to do?

Take a look at the video then check out Jay’s post. I’d like to hear what you think.

Erykah Badu – Window Seat

Jay Smooth’s post: http://nildoctrine.com/nil/erykah-badu-window-seat-video/

All Along the Watchtower

I found this video when looking up Youtube lessons of how to play Jimi Hendrix’s version of “All Along the Watchtower.” Gotta say this cat can jam! But I’m a little partial to this video…mostly because I have mad respect for old guys (old gals, too if I knew any) who can jam. So enjoy and kick it to a sick track as you go onto wherever you’re going for this Friday night:

The Real Patch Adams

A lecture or two ago, my prof for Health Psychology showed us clips of Patch Adams. Your memory will probably bring up a face of Robin Williams in a clown outfit or the vague impression of a movie from the 90s. Aside from the fact that this is pretty close to the truth of who the real Patch Adams is, my curiosity led me to search for a deeper image of who this silly magic man really was. So I hit Google. I’m amazed at what I found. Here is the lecture that has had me hooked on why I need to help others for the rest of my life. Be a sponge, this stuff is potent.