My week in a nutshell

I know it’s Sunday and the start of a new week in this world’s calendar, but it’s also the end of the weekend and the day I usually take to recuperate. So what better way to move forward than to recognize this week’s past events? This was my week in a nutshell:

Sunday, Sept. 12
Read, sip, sleep

Monday, Sept. 13
Go to work at 8am, come home, do the dishes, pull out my textbooks, fall sleep

Tuesday, Sept. 14
Wake up, push my textbooks off of my bed into bag, head to work, go to school, print out lecture notes, realize lecture is on circumcision, take the long way to class, get stuck in traffic, come home, eat dinner with grandparents, sleep

Wednesday, Sept. 15
Go to school, ask question in class, wander the halls of SFU, get lunch with friend, man the bread station at farmer’s market, notice rise in cute french girl population, come home, sleep

Thursday, Sept. 16
Get up, open textbooks, take notes, go to class, attend radio training, do magic, slay dragons, come home, put fairies to sleep, water plants, put light out

Friday, Sept. 17
Go to work, meet with boss, finish work, go bowling, drink a pint, meet with friends, chase wild brown mink, apologize for startling dog owner, sit down at table, get high, eat pizza, pass out

Saturday, Sept. 18
Do secret ninja things, get called to volunteer, accept duty, get escorted to IGA, check off shopping list, ride buggie down to community hall, eat chili dog, return shoping cart, watch The Town (great movie), realize life’s purpose