Sh*t My Dad Says and it’s raining again

On Off-Limits Zones in Hide-and-Go-Seek
“What the fuck are you doing in my closet? Don’t shush me, it’s my fucking closet.”

I never want to finish a book. I mean I love to read books and I usually have a lot to think about after I finish a good read, but there’s something about being in the middle of things and imagining possible plot twists which only really happen after a story starts, and before it ends. Even if it’s not a story book.

I just finished Sh*t My Dad Says which was by far a jovial, nostalgic, warm read. For those not familiar, author Justin Halpbern just released his memoir Sh*T My Dad Says recounting several episodes of his life starring his dad – which started after he posted a quote from his dad on his Twitter account and materialized thousands of followers seemingly overnight.

Aside from the amicable, blunt humour of his dad (which this book is loaded with), I was very impressed with the clarity that Halpbern was able to capture their relationship with each other. Having such a tight family myself, I’m a big fan of real world examples of families that get it right, or at least manage to get along. Many times this culture feels sterile and hollow in how we relate to one another, but Halpbern lets us into his childhood to see how his father can somehow colourfully utter five swear words and yet still convey himself as a responsible, caring father. Nobody walking through the book store picks up a book titled “Shit My Dad Says” to indulge their sentimental side, but by the end of it there really is no other feeling to have.

With a television show on the way I don’t know if I can expect to see the same genuine relationship I’d imagined in the 158 pages of Halpern’s book, but I can guarantee that I’ll tune in to see if I can’t enjoy William Shatner as Sam Halpbern, Justin’s dad. Think Red Foreman from That 70s Show, but from the point of view of Eric or Hyde. He comes off as a prick, but once you get him you understand he means well…and he’s funny as hell.

So it’s raining again in Vancouver (and rightfully so), but I can’t help but have my eye out for another read. I’ve got to feed this fire. If you’ve got a book to recommend, shoot me a comment and let me know what you liked and why you liked it.