propaganda (i don’t play by the rules)

I read somewhere that for a protest to be
effective, everyone must organize and
chant the same things in unison to have power.

It was a nice thought
rather, I’ll gladly gather
and. come and go as i

For effect is not simply a matter of cause,
or a thousand chanting people with one
collective voice;

it is the creation of

i don’t play by the rules


There is a time and place for everything. To understand this is to accept the value of the moment — the time and place in which we all reside. The moment is always changing. Sometimes I feel that a part of myself wants to hold onto a certain moment and never let it go. That is to fight the inevitability of Nature, and to deny its essence. I know that that part of me who wants to hold on comes from a place of scarcity and misunderstanding; it feels that the moment will lose its value if it slips from the now into my memory. However, with considering the lens of abundance, I am reminded that by embracing and accepting the moment as it happens is to open the door to experiencing and appreciating other moments in their own light. To live like this is to accept life as a gift: to unwrap the box and discover the contents, then to package it up to open again later, only to discover that it has changed once more.