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Sometimes I think that I complicate my life by setting up rules: ‘this’ diet is the best diet, so if I follow ‘these’ rules then I will have the perfect body and feel like holy water. Little do I know, this adds complexity to my life that makes it harder to live; life can be lived by rules, but the more you have, the more you run into problems when the rules overlap.

So here’s a couple links to two favourite posts of the day. The first is on living by ‘paring ideas,’ a process of living that values flow and natural change. This metaphor can be used in many domains of life, including writing, creating, sculpting, living, etc.

The second post is on what it means to be a person in the modern day. Or what it means to be a person in a universal sense…at least, that’s how I take it: sometimes you need to work a little bit to buy your freedom to be. Know who you are and do what it takes to be that. If you’re a monk, do what it takes to be a monk. Do what makes your soul come alive, but don’t sell part of it in the process.

paring ideas

I am not a brewer

Happy Thursday. Don’t let the rain weigh you down.

young once

At night this world is so dark and confusing that I can almost feel the globe tremble as it spins. Stars barely peek through a sky filled with illumination – artificial light is beautiful but it is not aurora borealis. People are contradictions, and sometimes the obscure distance is too much. I’m overcome by the hypocrisy. No, I do not claim that I can do better – but I live it in my bones as a fiery passion. And so much I’m caught up in now – a moment that will never be lived again with the same consequences or metamorphosed line of time…

then i am touched by relief, a calm spirited wind that descends upon our shoulders like winter’s blanket and she says: ‘there will be a day when you were young once.’

Excerpted from diary

A Free and Random Chaos

A Masaru Emoto water crystal.

We’ve just had Daylight Savings Time and I’m thinking about just that (time) as I watch “Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman.” I love Morgan Freeman and I want to be him and do what he does: embody curiosity and wonder – for both are what make us young, wise, and humble. Ponder this: a clock does not change time, but measures it. We may use a clock to help us understand time but only by how we notice the clock changing over time. But we can also rely on our sense of timing and time by the way we feel the difference of things: the passage of subtle, slow-moving yet powerful micro/macro-scopic change. We feel the moments no less than the minutes. Maybe all we feel are the moments…and the minutes are simply a collection of rain drops to say it has rained 3,805,118,976,114,123,446 drops in this moment, but say nothing of the 5 million flowers bloomed. Time is our sense of order in a free and random chaos that is life in the universe. Our higher order thought amidst the lower order playing field. And our game of fun is to forget we know any better.


Today I’ve been mostly inside the house. Curling up to a good book, and some therapeutic music. Times have been kind of interesting lately. Not to divulge too much personal information, but I have been grieving and relieving and feeling up and feeling down and feeling up again. Life seems to have this vitality about it; no matter what you do, you can’t escape creation. The smallest moments in life become memories. It’s felt difficult to let some things go, but I am amazed at how quickly it fills with growth. Free up a little space and watch what grows; there is a place for everything in nature. Following the tracks of a moose: a deer, a raccoon, a person, a mouse, an acorn, a grouse. Carve a path through the field and the trees grow huge around it.