my font (lobster, abelone & rice)

my font is "asian"

it is the crooked letters
that shape my words,
porcelain tea-stained
because i am a vessel
for the flow

my language consists
of steamed bamboo huts
salted pork
and egg pastry,
i'll eat vegetables

i am a map of cemeteries
at eternal rest
facing the sea,
a calendar of the moon
always rising
and falling like a lotus
in the wind

duck yolk cake festival

my burps are polite thunder, my
aging joints fire crackers
good luck blasts
red money set afire
into the realm of gods & godesses
three bows, i remember
three bows

my name is
'good boy'
'smart boy'
'pretty boy'

i smell of gardens carefully tended
the greenest thumb that yields no fruit
but becomes emperor

my ears
are a song
that rings of opera pitches touching
the heavens

a family dinner on day seven,

abelone and