moonlight ball

Moonlight Ball (click to enlarge)

This is another MSPaint painting that I drew today. It’s called “moonlight ball” and it’s a picture of two animals, a wolf and a swan. Like any painting or drawing, it started with a line. A shape. And then it evolved into what you see before you. I don’t know if I’d say that it’s a complete painting, but I’m satisfied enough to share it with you. Unfortunately I can only post JPEG’s to the internet (unless someone knows a way to post BMP’s or other hi-res files?) so if you want the real thing, just send me an email at isaaclouie [at] gmail (dot) com. I guess that is the state of our technology, like how you hear the record music of a waltz through the static and “noise” maybe in the future this will be our nostalgic “JPEG phonograph.” So even art, though blurred and distorted on the internet, can still affect feeling and emotion.

What do you see? What do you notice?

be water

Gravity is pulling me down. Keeping me grounded. It is no enemy. If you are a believer in Heaven, it is gravity that will bring Heaven to you. Perhaps the stars in Heaven naturally try to escape our eyes, and, in hurry, look for the nearest hiding spot in the corners of the universe, the corners of our eyes. Dancing with gravity, the stars fall.

Gravity reminds you of where to be: on your feet. Stand, and your strength is in your connection to the ground. No matter where you turn, leap, or stride, the energy you use relies on the steadiness of the earth underneath you. Even the bird accepts gravity.

To fly is not to struggle or to fight. If you’ve seen a bird in flight you know that it does not need to keep flapping its wings to stay in the air. Even the crow knows how to soar. It overcomes gravity because it becomes gravity, and therefore remembers it is gravity. With the acceptance of gravity, it springs from the ground, the branches, the water.

Water knows how to receive gravity with grace. Always falling, streaming, flowing, dripping, water lies in the lowest point. It slips between grains of sand with each wave; it disappears in your hands when you hold on to it too long, slipping through what seems solid.

Float, water keeps you above the surface. Sink, water surrounds you and becomes weight. But remember yourself and in water you learn you to become weightless. You learn you are weightless.