bedtime arrogance

A thought I noticed passing through my mind last night, while lying in bed:

I could totally win an Olympic medal. I could win Gold in the decathlon. I can’t throw the shot put that well but I can totally throw a discus. Yeah, I could totally throw the discus the farthest.


I’ve started a journal. I haven’t always kept a journal; I think the closest thing to a journal that I’ve kept was a dream log last summer. I learned wonderful things.

I guess I’d always had mixed feelings and misconceptions about journals: I figured that I was a ‘healthy’ enough human being that I could manage my life without writing out my thoughts. How wrong I was. I figured that keeping my thoughts a secret meant that I was stowing away my true identity in the pages of a book. But after writing my first journal entry, I feel so much more free to be myself because I’ve been able to tell the most important person in the world how I’ve felt – ME! Not the narcissistic needy me, but the real, living me.

The best part about the journal I’m using is that it’s digital and I can type things into it. With a physical journal I find it hard to read my own printing sometimes so it helps that I have software to type into. I don’t have to worry about losing my journal. Also, there’s a password for my journal so I can feel assured that no one sees this but me — or at least without my permission. It’s about 9 o’clock now, and after feeling some monotony, I can feel myself liven up again. Better late than never. Although it’s never too late.

If you want to know the Journal software I’m using click here.