(black moon silver)

she has these dark eyes
black like night
black like the painted canvas
black like the unlit stage
where the moon dances

black like a sheet
pulled over
your nose
somehow darkness moving
a fragility
a place, a time
before the universe was born

the desert landscape
the lustre of 1/8 of a candle
yet in this night
even a sliver
is brighter than all the stars
a silver slice
of a more magical being

moonlight ball

Moonlight Ball (click to enlarge)

This is another MSPaint painting that I drew today. It’s called “moonlight ball” and it’s a picture of two animals, a wolf and a swan. Like any painting or drawing, it started with a line. A shape. And then it evolved into what you see before you. I don’t know if I’d say that it’s a complete painting, but I’m satisfied enough to share it with you. Unfortunately I can only post JPEG’s to the internet (unless someone knows a way to post BMP’s or other hi-res files?) so if you want the real thing, just send me an email at isaaclouie [at] gmail (dot) com. I guess that is the state of our technology, like how you hear the record music of a waltz through the static and “noise” maybe in the future this will be our nostalgic “JPEG phonograph.” So even art, though blurred and distorted on the internet, can still affect feeling and emotion.

What do you see? What do you notice?

i walk with you into the storm

i walk with you into the storm

 darkness and heat gather and stumble,
 fork-lightning-flashes shatter and scatter
 across sky,
   across water.

fresh cracks of thunder fade into the
deep rumbling silence:

i shrink under your eyes

 like sunlight in daybreak, gentle and focused;
   through the clouds always, tiny water droplets

in dance: suspend, float, bend
unconditional light shining through the eternity
of space between your closed fingers

eyes, doors shut.
through windows cracked and stained
as armour:

light intense as love.