and i mean

has set you apart
like the special connection
we have

not your name
which has, in its uniquity
in a billion dollar, million person economy
the element of surprise;
it is not quite the fact
that you got a boy's name
by accident,

or the nose ring stud
you wear so beautifully, elegantly
like a mother of pearl necklace
you are a diamond
as much as
a rose is
a universal standard of love

perhaps it is the way you had cared
for my grandparents and great auntie,
that you could be both beautiful and kind to others
would unlock the magic potion spell,
the ancient formula that
turns mercury to gold
stone to flesh
ash and soot
                   to flame.

even as though
everything has been done
every same word and poem
and letter memorized
and teased apart in class,
made memorial at a stroke of genius
written in an international exam
known by name and author and title
and line

i can't help but feel
we've just begun.
that some fleeting one-time encounter
has left me
with a forever memory,
etched into my bones
a pencil note to pick up lemons from the market,
a ring of string
to remember
           to remember
most beautiful darling.

i may have been just another sir
giving you his name and number
filed away as foolish and well-intentioned
taken in courtesy, found in a work pant pocket
a smile before break is over,
then tossed out..

but naïve as i am
i can't help but think
you would have changed your mind
had i lived in the same city
and showed up one tuesday happy hour
with flowers in hand
at the sushi place where you work.


dream  about
you, see you in all your elegance
never a stronger smile
nor a closer
                though we've left each other
in life - at least for now - you continue
to grow in my sleep
      meeting me at full moons
         turning from shadow to soul
            a light and a glow slowly fading into a deeper hue.

like a song
your measure and composure are

though your transcendental poise escapes definition
	though we may never cross paths like stars are apart,
		(though i hope - like a comet - we are merely moving further on
			an elliptical journey..)

i (still) go to sleep
at the light of a candle
& the thought of you.

a wonder & a beginning

thousand words

      voice     is




a peak

     and    V-


lush with game
and forests and sheep

you are a mother of all things

four seasons
you are a newspring


a magic
a power
a force

and though i'll
never understand you
never have you in all your forever

i bid you
the best an anti-eternity can provide

if all the stars are an end



one star brighter than the rest

you make a compelling argument
with the
the stencil of your name
the colour of your skin
the depth of your touch

the soft, smudged essence of your silhouette

if kindness can be learned
it is because you were my teacher

every inch a lesson in pleasure


the lines and veins
of my sceptre

at the thought
curls in your hair riles the spiraled bliss
roiling my every desire, riding wave after wave of your ocean waltz

wiping sand from every beach,
	in a bed of pearls and silk

and to lye sweetly at the intoxicating scent
(the aroma of your oyster)
a perfume i gladly wear

as a scarf

dancing like a flag in the wind,
compelling, like a roped towel pulling me closer

no diamond came without dirt,
no pearl without sand

no spark without flint

but it is the lightning bolt
that is bright
because it burns

that burns because it is bright

ecstasy cannot be taught
reached because it is first


a priori

a fork of lightning
the electric ground reaching for the sky

a rolling cry / the reason why)

and the hint of you
is enough

the spotlight on you

i am the spotlight on you
soft yellow hues gazing a peaceful beam
unaffected by wind or hesitation

on the stage you are a careful artist
revealing me your wakeness, curves coming alive
in the shadows, lines like a painter’s hands:

gossamer hair and sunbrown tan,
if only they knew that your beauty blossoms in spring,
and grows bountifully in the summer,
in winter hiding away in your
deep black eyes,

like the stars all i know of you are fantastical myths,
and tales of stolen love,
never could i live to see you to an end

once a heart decides

i feel it, too: how could i not?
once a heart decides
it is every same heart,
another sun in the sky of
a spinning galaxy,
every pirouette carried to end.
it is the endless gaze
between two, a knowing
that only existed.
it is the same cell
in all bodies, beating,
a drop of oil in the water
instantly everywhere:
the oxygen of earth
the miracle of birth

know that i am vulnerable

to let you read inside this card
i made for you

unwrap and uncover:

this gift of a gentle memory
that warms me on cold days
when i think of you
(because i think of you)

and (kn)oh how i am vulnerable
how the innermost contents of this card
the words which i need not think
to say, but think often

are nails under my barefeet.


This poem was published in the poetry anthology Collected Whispers from a contest I entered at poetry.com. I don’t recommend you enter a poetry contest on that site for if you win, you’ll end up buying your own publication for $50. However, if that is a fair price for you to pay by all means go ahead and enter. I do have a very nice book with my poem in it now – though I feel that poems are far more valuable in the folds of crumpled paper than bounded in fancy leather. You be the judge, the witness, the pidgeon sitting on the statue. Thanks and enjoy.