i will stop petitioning


petitioning for a greater audience,
a grander stage on which to perform

my tricks of the trade
will remain
in the soul possession of a few
dedicated people

whom i care for

there is money enough in the world
so i give you my love
for free

life's too short
so let us dance to the sound of bombs

in a crooked world
a proper action is revolution

one wish in a world at war:
a day of peace

invite a modest, brave soul
to take interest

consumer suicide (a manifesto)

no longer

purchase goods or
make bold choices in
the super market


products in my room
will no longer
advertise my preferences

(nor shall wallet or watch
proclaim my identity)

if you can read me by
the decoration of my room

then when i am gone of this world-
why do you miss me?

true, in my room
dwells my soul

but my possessions
do not define me

and i cease to be myself:

this pencil
that garment
this bed

that nail, screw, tack and thread...
tied to the reel of avaricious profit men

whose noses so big
can not see
   the middle

know i have found peace

(a release)

a life of simple desire