who i am by isaac joel louie

an earth dragon
born of the thunder clan
chinese-canadian settler
 third generation
 islander at heart.
i live for the wind
 the rain
four seasons
 a stove.
hair of abandon
 the coo of a moth.
one sun, one moon, all stars
i’ll be the first
 to spot
 an eagle.

when i am near u

when i am near you
the numbers on streets and clocks
are right

the sound of rain
upon the sidewalk
is a complete refrain
to a childhood melody

at night
the stars burn like candles, when
and tip
their hats

when i hold you in my mind
the expanse of heavens
dreamed in
forlorn ancient texts
reveal themselves
like a vast, turning sky


like desert canyon walls,
are a fountain
waiting for rain.

the sea of stories (and creation)

look at the sky
a web of stars
without lines,
a game of connect the dots
drawn in invisible ink
escaping with the moon

maybe if we were close enough
you could drag your finger through the constellations
and feel each thread, strum a song
and call it god;
weave a patch
the fabric of existence

or spin heaven into a spool
and save it for a time at sea,
letting it out at the quiet of night

make a home in a corner of the room
at the light of morning)
hang tiny beads of dew like

and sail on, unfold into a map
a cornered box of a sphere,
the opened gift of raven's chest

float atop
    the sea of stories
               and creation.

the smile at your toes

i love you and i want to
tell you just one wish:
i wish not to be the lover
which you admire so much for
being the very figment of your
imagination, no – i wish to be
nothing above the ordinary, i
would be your steady hand routinely
applying eyeliner with precision
like a painter brushing the ceiling
of a chapel, delicately; i would
be your spice cabinet, utterly normal
yet full of variety and from me
you would choose just what you wanted
for yourself; i would be boring weather,
nothing more than simple rain, covering your head
falling at your feet, forming pools
and peering down i would be the smile
at your toes.